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Nursing Blogs to Follow

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Michael Hyatt & Co.

Do you feel forced to choose between success at work and life at home? With growing leadership responsibilities, more demands on your time, and increased pressures at work, your success in other areas of life can be shortchanged. 


But you shouldn’t have to choose between work and home. You can have the Double Win-where you win at work and succeed at life.

Nurse And Patient

Minding the Bedside

Jerome Stone, RN, has been a nurse for more than 30 years. The title of his blog represents his passion for meditation and how mindfulness can keep nurses balanced. Jerome believes that simple meditation leads to compassionate care. For a nurse -- anyone, really -- who finds that stress lowers their own quality of life, and ability to provide care for patients, Jerome offers advice and easy ways to regain your center

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Kaiser Health News

Nurse Beth has more than 25 years of experience from clinical to leadership roles. She writes for nurses on all spectrums of their career and cover a wide variety of topics.

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Strategies for Nurse Managers

Whether you’re a nurse manager or not, there are good posts here for understanding how to work together. Especially useful: the Nurse Leader Insider newsletter that covers situations found on any nursing unit: charting errors, open communication, burnout, etc. You can sign up to receive the free newsletter.

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